DVDs on boat building and boat design.

The Lines Plan (DVD)

Arno Day is a Maine Master Boat builder, one of the top experts in the design and construction of all kinds wooden boats from lobster boats to sail boats.

In this two hour video course Maine Master Boatbuilder Arno Day teaches the following: 1) Learning the Lines (20 minutes) You learn the basics of lines plans for boat building. Arno teaches the definitions of terms for lines drawing, stations, offset tables, measuring devices, etc.. 2) Taking Off Lines (40 minutes) You learn how to take the lines from any boat and create a lines plan for it. Arno takes the measurements from an actual boat in his shop. 3) Drawing the Lines (60 minutes) Arno creates a complete lines plan. He also demonstrates clearly the types of problems that come up and how to solve them. This course gives you the confidence to know that you can create lines plans for designing and building your own boats. Excellent for boatbuilders of all skill levels.

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